Forgotten Gems: Base Wars (Ultra Games, 1991)

"$23.4 billion a year for a .250 hitter? Baseball salaries in the 24th Century have rocketed through the O-zone! And team owners are rebelling. They’ve replaced these greedy players with mighty robots programmed for punishment. The result is Base Wars - a bizarre cross between baseball and gladiatorial combat. Its heroes are an awesome array of mutant machines. Metallic monsters resembling man, half-ton tanks and unidentified fielding objects. But forget about good sportsmanship in the Cyber League. Because in Base Wars, winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. And these mega horsepower sultans of swat are armed to the circuits with enough laser swords, guns and ammunition to spark an interplanetary war. All the elements of baseball are here - pitching, hitting, fielding and base running. Plus a brutal bonus: one-on-one battle royales for base possession"

I just bought this game and am eagerly awaiting its arrival in the mail. It’s so ridiculous and amazing.

Blood Orange - Chamakay


Persona 3’s Tartarus, Official Artwork

Original can be found here.

you're fired.


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I want my 70 degree weather back.

Unicorn Kid - Lion Hat

Listen to it.

Can I just say you are fucking sexy <3


You can! Comments like these also make me immensely happy. Thanks anon.

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I feel alive.

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My new helmet came in the mail today! It is pretty slick, and I’m very happy with the design. Quite a bit more ostentatious than my previous one, but I’m alright with that. It’s a Speed and Strength 1300 Rage with the Machine graphic. Time to put it to use.

Don’t mind my captain america pajamas.

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